Amazon/Whole Foods Lies Sending Customers to Competing Food Competitors

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by Thinker

People Power Puts Anything It Wants Out of Business – Support Lies or Truth – You Have a Choice!

What many are finding isn’t real, now seeing much worse. How many times can you be lied to and keep going back for more? Greed and profits over people and health by illusion and and good marketing. After being purchased by dishonest globalist Jeff Bezos — the same “Dr. Evil” anti-American creep who runs the fake news Washington Post — Whole Foods Market is now reversing five years of promises to consumers by suspending its GMO labeling promise. This means Whole Foods will continue to sell unlabeled GMOs while fraudulently insinuating to customers that its stores sell no GMOs whatsoever.

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Alex Jones Enters Jeff Bezos’ Amazon/Whole Foods No-Go Zone Headquarters

Alex Jones exposes Bezos as a globalist that makes his money off of government subsidized monopolies meant to destroy individuality and replace it with mindless consumerism.


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