Amazon’s latest pay update will have many working sick, details inside:

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by girlthatmakesglaze

Straight from the hub page:

We’re extending the $2/hour wage increase and double overtime pay through May 16. We continue to see heavy demand during this difficult time, and you’re doing incredible work for our customers and the community. Also, we are returning to our normal attendance policy on May 1. This means you can start utilizing UPT or points/occurrences/instances to cover needed absences. Please remember to report absences on A to Z and review your schedules.

To support associates as we return to this policy, we’re taking a few extra steps: We are expanding our unpaid Personal Leave of Absence policy to include COVID-19 circumstances (such as high risk individuals or school closures), waiving our normal advance notice period for PLOA from today through April 29, and reducing our normal 30-day notice for PLOA to 15 days for the month of May.

This should concern EVERYONE. They have yet to give folks back UPT they used before implementing their policy, something promised to employees many times now. This decision will hurt employees and have folks coming in sick. If you cannot get paid time off for having the virus or having a member at home with it, people will come to work.

Posting this here because this came out of the San Marcos warehouse, I am sure others are the same though as it was an official notification.



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