AMD, Intel, and Nvidia’s GPU prices could rise another 20% in the next months.

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It is predicted that the costs of AMD, Intel, Nvidia, and other processors will rise by between 10 and 20 percent in the next months as the result of TSMC boosting chip prices.

Taiwanese companies would have already notified customers that they would increase production of their 5nm, 6nm, and 7nm chips. This would affect not only current chips such as the Ryzen 5000 and AMD RX 6000, which are manufactured on the 7nm process, but also upcoming Intel Arc GPUs manufactured on the 6nm process, and upcoming Ryzen 7000 CPUs plus Radeon RX 7000 and GeForce RTX 4000 GPUs manufactured on the 5n

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As you may have noticed, we did not list the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3000 graphics card, these are produced by Samsung, which does not necessarily imply that this is a positive thing in this case. A few weeks ago, Samsung increased the price of their wafers, and we expect to see the effects of that increase in the next several weeks as well. As a result, the only items that appear to be safe are Intel CPUs, although we do not know whether they saw an increase in material costs or something else that could have caused the increase.

It will be interesting to see when and by how much the prices of these products rise, as this will be felt much more severely in countries like ours and will make component updates increasingly difficult to come up to date.…onths.html


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