America Closes Down — People Get Shafted As Monopolies Take Over!

Comedian Jimmy Dore analyzes the lack of support by Washington to keep small businesses and working families afloat in this pandemic and resulting economic depression where many are without jobs, going hungry, and unable to pay rent and mortgages. He shows how other major western countries are paying at least 75% of their people’s wages as they are out of work but in America we are paying 0% of their wages so people are left destitute and even COMMITTING SUICIDE as a result. He also points out that companies like Target and Walmart and Amazon are making record profits while small businesses are forced to close permanently. He calls for 15 progressive members of the House of Representatives to withhold their support for Pelosi as Speaker of the House until she holds a vote on Medicare for All, a policy with widespread and majoritarian support across party lines.

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h/t Progressive007