America has more oil than ALL of Middle East, so why isn’t THAT all over the news?

(Natural News) Ever heard of the Bakken? It’s a stretch of land that connects Canada to North Dakota, and on down into Northern Montana. New technology now makes major oil wells available, including the Bakken reserves, or Williston Basin, that we couldn’t access before, even though we knew they existed. This is ready and accessible on western US territory, 1,000 feet below the base of the Rocky Mountains, at an estimated 500 billion barrels’ worth, or more. That’s enough crude to fuel America 100 percent for the next two decades. That means total independence from Russia, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Columbia and Mexico.

Immediate US-based access to oil has nearly 10 times as much oil as Saudi Arabia, 20 times as much as Kuwait, Iran and Iraq

“Big Oil” has not had the technology to access Bakken, beneath the Rocky Mountains, to this point. But the new technology changes the whole game. Gas prices in the U.S. could be down to $15 a barrel, and we’ve known this since April, 2006 from the World Stansberry Report Online. Our gas prices could be cut down, back below $2 a gallon, or better. The Biden Regime is missing out on the largest untapped oil reserve on planet Earth, what could easily equate to two trillion barrels, and in a short amount of time.

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The Bush family, back in 2005, actually mandated for the extraction of oil from Bakken. Bigger than the Prudhoe Bay oil reserves in Alaska, Bakken would eliminate all U.S. reliance on foreign oil, as described by the Energy Information Administration (EIA).

Pertinent Drilling Animation Video from 2014….


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