America is a Kosher Banana Republic

by Chris Black

So the Jewish lawyer charged with “lying” to the FBI and “fooling” them into opening up bogus investigations into Trump appears to run a secret FBI office at his law firm!

In other words, the FBI teamed up with these Jews to create a plan that would prevent Donald Trump from governing.

All the GOP is doing is sending Christopher Wray letters he ignores and laughs off.

The corruption at the FBI seen during Russiagate is just the tip of the iceberg.

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The Special Prosecutor assigned to investigate an attempted intelligence coup against an American president (“Russiagate”) comes up empty handed despite a myriad of evidence showing FBI wrongdoing.

Part of the reason this Jew won an acquittal is because Durham uncovered evidence showing they knew Sussman was lying and were in on it.

Why are no FBI agents being at minimum dragged to court? The only answer is Durham is afraid of them.


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