American families are paying a staggering $5,915 more on 45 everyday items

Shock new research for lays bare brutal toll of inflation under Biden – as we break down why American families are paying a staggering $5,915 more on 45 everyday items

True cost of inflation revealed: how YOU pay $5,915 more this year for everyday basics

Householders are spending $5,915 more each year to buy the same items they were buying in 2021, said Moody’s Analytics economist Mark Zandi, who crunched the latest U.S. government price data.

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Consumers across the U.S. told how they have struggled to put food on the table after inflation reached 9.1 percent – its highest clip since the early 1980s – putting basics like butter and beefsteaks out of reach. We researched the items that were most frequently burning a hole in the pockets of the ordinary urban American. We then calculated how much the same items would cost had inflation stayed at the Federal Reserve’s target 2 percent rate – not the runaway hikes we’ve seen this past year – to indicate ‘normal’ prices for the same items.

Our table shows how consumers are spending additional hard-earned dollars on everything from pantry staples like eggs, bread and baby food to used cars, furniture and board games.


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