Americans are being forcibly addicted to refined sugars from a young age for the sole sake of profit.

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by idontknowwhatiscool

I’m a huge fitness advocate who has an incredibly difficult time quitting refined sugars. I study sugar and its addictive properties on my free time, and the more I study, the more I realize how deep this problem runs. Sugar addiction is real. Calling it otherwise is a disservice. This is not fruit sugars mind you, in fact to achieve the levels of sugar consumed from drinking 3 sodas vs eating the equivalent in fruit, you have to make a conscious effort.

Have you ever quit sugar cold turkey? I’m talking quitting white breads that have added sugar, no ketchup, or no sauce? There is a feeling of a crash. It is a real feeling. It is a craving when you quit. I believe that sugar is hard to quit because not only is it added to almost every food in America, but because we are forcibly addicted at such a young age to it that its actually altered out biochemistry. Ever notice how cartoon characters absolutely loathe healthy foods like vegetables and fruits, but go for sugar like its actually cocaine? I think that these cartoon producers are paid for this by major corporations. I mean the international corporation known as Coca Cola has a net worth of $171.81 Billion, and its literally flavored water. With sugar.

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Almost every breakfast I had as a kid, was cereal. Cereal with cartoon characters on the box. Cereal that contained massive amounts of sugar. The first 2 ingredients on the box for most cereals: Corn meal, sugar. Every Sunday morning before church, pancakes with syrup. My mom would drop me off at daycare every morning: not enough time to prepare breakfast? No problem, grab a bag of mini doughnuts from the gas station. Not to mention Kool Aid, Hi-C(advertised and famous for having a high vitamin c content), peanut butter(Jiff, which has loads of added sugars vs natural) and jelly(not real jelly, loads of added sugars), Kid Cuisine, Snack Packs, Ice cream sandwiches, even school pizza sauce.

It runs deep. We’ve been indoctrinated into sugar addiction. If you even tell people this they will defend it like you’re trying to take away their life.

America is the most obese country in the world and that is an undisputed fact. In the world. Its not because we have so much food, its because there is a literal drug that has caloric value that’s put into most of the food we consume. For the sole sake of addiction.People crash off of sugar, that’s a real thing. In my eyes, thats a drug. It lifts you up, and if you don’t maintain the high, you will crash.

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This is being made fun of , and fat acceptance is a real thing. I’m not, nor will I ever, hate on people for being obese. I was obese, in fact I was 200lbs at the age of 14. I was * Morbidly * obese, because the food my mom fed me, but I will not just accept it. i will not lay down and die.

I was most certainly, like most Americans, addicted to sugar. It was only broken when I moved in with my father and he forcibly broke it off. It has to stop, this is a real humanitarian crisis, and I say humanitarian because it is a human rights violation. It violates a right to a healthy existence. Especially when its pushed on children. Especially when information is purposefully suppressed on the issue, and has been proven time and time again! That sugar in high doses, which is extremely easy to achieve, is absolutely the cause of obesity , heart disease, and diabetes. There is a reason a career in health care is so profitable right now. We are being screwed by these people who only want to make money on us! They only want us addicted so we will buy their product.


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