Americans are losing interest in Black Lives Matter amid urban violence, financial scandals

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Campus Reform conducted an analysis of Google Trends results, which show that shows web searches for Black Lives Matter (BLM) have decreased since the summer of 2020.

Support for BLM has also decreased nearly 20% during that same time period, according to a Civiqs poll.

Campus Reform reports on both the influence Black Lives Matter and transgender ideology have in higher education, as well as the impact those ideas have on American society.

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The Google search for “Black Lives Matter” peaked in popularity in the summer of 2020 following the death of George Floyd in May.

That August, University of Washington Professor Stuart Reges outlined to Campus Reform why Black Lives Matter’s leadership and values made ill-suited to advocate on behalf of Black Americans or fight for “freedom and dignity for all.”

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Since 2020, the decline in public interest followed a streak of protests, per Google Trends numbers.

A slight increase occurred in April 2021 after Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin was convicted for Floyd’s death, but the downward trend continued into 2022.

Chicago is experiencing a “crime wave” in 2022, per Fox News reporting. Two years prior, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot “pledged to cut $80 million from her city’s police budget,” according to Fox 17 WZTV Nashville.

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