Americans aren’t going to put up with this for much longer

by DCG

Churches across the country are being threatened with fines (and their parishioners) for holding services in their parking lots. People can attend church in their own cars with their windows rolled up (such as they do when they go do a drive-through restaurant) and listen to service via loudspeakers or radio.

Bureaucrats aren’t having any of that. It violates “stay at home” orders and helps save lives.

But Americans are fighting back.

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On Saturday, a federal judge granted a temporary restraining order filed by a church against Mayor Greg Fischer of Louisville, Kentucky, to allow drive-in services on Easter Sunday. Read that whole story here.

On Easter, parishioners gathered to hear service in a parking lot at Marysville Baptist Church in Kentucky. As reported by Sarah Ladd of the Courier Journal, they encountered nails thrown all over the entrances. Kentucky State Police showed up on church property and were putting notices on every car. NONE OF THE STATE PATROL OFFICERS WERE WEARING MASKS.

Guess the only way a church is allowed to hold a drive-in service right now would be to do this:




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