AMERICANS ON EDGE: One-third haven’t had a ‘day to relax’ in MONTHS

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NEARLY a third of Americans have been so caught up with work, life, and kids, that they haven’t had a day to relax alone in more than three months.

A survey of 2,000 Americans looked at how people like to exercise self-care from listening to music (54 percent), taking bubble baths (48 percent), and napping at the end of a long day (37 percent).

Before a long day, people also like to make the most of the morning hours (50 percent) and set the mood by wearing comfortable clothing (55 percent) and playing music (47 percent). Nearly half feel the most relaxed in their bedroom (49 percent).

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Some people like to wind down by using body care products such as bath bombs or candles, but 27 percent who purchase these items don’t use them until two weeks later.

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