America’s Central Banks Are Bracing For An Apocalyptic Endgame As The Everything Bubble Bursts

The US central bank is leading us to the greatest financial disaster in the history of the world, but most people don’t even imagine how devastating will be the future that awaits us. In a recent article, the financial expert and founder of Matterhorn Asset Management and Gold Switzerland, Egon von Greyerz, has described how the Federal Reserve has cursed the United States of America by debasing the value of our currency. The downfall of our Republic has started exactly 50 years ago, when central bankers and Nixon decided to turn all real assets, including gold, into worthless paper, creating the perfect setup for an irreversible financial catastrophe. That decision came at a cost that Nixon probably wasn’t anticipating: since 1971, after hundreds of trillions of artificial dollars started to be injected into the economy and financial markets, the dollar has seen its value collapse by 98 percent. Many other leaders throughout history have done what Nixon did, and if he’d known this before, he would have realized that no currency has ever survived to this sort of monetary policy.
When will they ever learn? Apparently, the answer is never. History can only teach lessons for those who are willing to listen. The story repeats itself because our leaders insist to make the same mistakes. Under these policies, every single currency throughout history has been debased until it has reached zero value, as von Greyerz outlines. The fact that since the 1960s the US government has increased the federal debt by the trillions every year is a clear sign of chronic disease and that something is terminally broken in our system. The big problem is that as opposed to other countries who faced a similar decay, because of the size of the US economy and the reserve currency status of the dollar, the consequences are remarkably deeper and much more threatening. We are now witnessing the growth of the most splendid financial bubble ever recorded. But at this point, it is not just central banks blowing bubbles, the whole world has become a bubble.
As the derivatives bubble explodes, or rather implodes, in the next few years, more and more money will be printed by central banks in a futile attempt to save the financial system. What they fail to realize is that the more they add money into the system, the bigger the imbalances get. Against this backdrop, it becomes impossible to fight the growth of asset bubbles and inflation. We’re faded to a never-ending cycle of debt, booms, and busts. According to von Greyerz, our current monetary system will collapse at some point between 2025 and 2030, marking the end of a major economic era. When a hyperinflationary central bank endgame starts — which will be followed by a depressionary implosion — the deterioration will happen very quickly. Investors won’t have time to run for the exits, and American workers will see their life savings gone with the wind. That’s why wealth protection should be a top priority for anyone living in these troubled times.
In several of our previous videos, we have been reporting the warnings of several economists, market watchers, financial analysts, and veteran investors who have been telling us that we’re in the middle of the biggest financial bubble in all history. And it’s time to learn with History that such speculative bubbles always pop – there is no exception. Every speculative bubble mania regardless of its alleged “uniqueness” ends up bursting. Investors try to convince themselves that “it’s different this time,” but no bubble has ever “reached a permanently high plateau” and then remained on the plateau for years. And what is our central bank doing right now? It is adding more fuel to a range of already overly-inflated bubbles, including housing, stocks, and bonds.
The situation has gotten so out of hand that, according to updated estimates, the US government spends $875 million every hour in 2021 and, up until now, a staggering number of $1.7 billion were spent between central banks and the US government to prevent a stock market crash and an economic disaster. But things are getting increasingly unsustainable and one single systemic failure can lead to the simultaneous explosion of all asset bubbles. It’s time to face the truth: This time will not be different. And central banks are about to trigger an apocalyptic endgame that will mark the end of an era.

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