America’s Failure in Afghanistan Mocked by Russia

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by Chris Black

Even if the collapse of the USSR was due in no small part to its involvement in the “graveyard of empires” (that would be Afghanistan), Russia mocked Joe Biden and the US regime as the Taliban renamed the country and installed a new President.

According to state owned RT, this is a clear sign of an empire in total decline:


The fall of Kabul to the Taliban was not part of a grand political strategy, but a result of the failure of America’s intervention in Afghanistan, a top Russian official has announced, as Moscow says US supremacy is fading away.

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President Vladimir Putin’s special envoy on the troubled Central Asian nation, Zamir Kabulov, told the Echo of Moscow radio station on Sunday that Washington was trying to make the chaotic events look like a deliberate approach. “I think those behind these kinds of notions are trying to justify the failure of the Americans in Afghanistan and to make the case that this is a planned action,” he said. Instead, he argued, the belief had been that the US-trained Afghan army would be able to hold out against the Taliban for some time yet.

In a statement posted on Twitter, the Russian Embassy in the UK said that “the objective reality is that Washington’s comfortable position of US hegemony is receding into the past against the backdrop of the strengthening political positions of Russia and China.”

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Moscow has sought to position itself as a deal-broker in Afghanistan. While the French, British and American consular missions have been shuttered, with staff relocating to the NATO-held airport, Russia’s embassy has remained in operation. On Monday, Moscow’s ambassador in Kabul said that the Afghan soldiers that usually guarded the premises had been replaced by Taliban fighters. According to Kabulov, who heads a department at the Russian Foreign Ministry, Moscow is ready to work with the militant group to deliver a transitional government.



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