America’s Foreignest Presidents

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Visualization details

  • Ancestry information from Wikipedia and
  • Foreign-born means born outside the US (or 13 Colonies) without inheriting citizenship from parents. Note that inheriting US citizenship through just one parent only became possible in 1855 for fathers and 1934 for mothers.
  • Colors indicate party affiliation (just noticed I forgot to put a legend, oops!). Green is Democratic-Republican, grey is unaffiliated.
  • Recent presidential runners-up with foreign ancestry include Kerry (2 Austrian-Hungarian grandparents), Dukakis (2 Ottoman Greek parents), Mondale (2 Norwegian grandparents, 1 Canadian grandparent) McGovern (Canadian mother, 2 Irish grandparents), Humphrey (Norwegian mother) and Goldwater (1 Polish grandparent, 1 English grandparent).
  • The visualization was generated using Python, Pandas and Pillow.
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