America’s Future is Not So Bleak as You May Be Inclined to Believe

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by Chris Black

Demography aside (mass non-white immigration is a thing), consider this:

Over the next ten years, the majority of boomers will be dead.

The children of the older boomers, Gen X, will take power and assert dominance.

The progressive boomers focused on the millennials, because they were easier to control, completely passing over Gen X.

The Children of Gen X are also not the little communist darlings the progressives want.

That is why the left is so hard set on drag queen story hour and the rest of their BS.

It used to be more in the shadows, but it wasn’t working, forcing them to show their hand.

The overstep has caused a massive backlash.

Covid lockdowns showed parents what their kids were really being taught.

Trump did win the election, with sweeping majority, o the progressives stole the election, staged a coup, and placed MAGA as enemy #1.

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Now like any good Bolshevik, they are silencing the opposition and imprisoning anyone who dares to even think differently.

Gen X conservatives have children and don’t want their children to be subjected to communism, because they were old enough to understand it when they were young.

We are also angry, have money, and know how to use weapons.

Ask one to put a bullet in the head of an Antifa soldier, and they’ll do it gladly.

If the silent majority awakens, this country might have a chance.

If it doesn’t, the pages of 1984 will look like a nursery rhyme.

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