America’s Great Sex Recession…

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AMERICANS are having less and less sex, especially casual sex, with almost 30 percent of single people surveyed reporting they haven’t had sex for at least one year.

In a report issued by the Institute for Family Studies, data from the National Survey of Family Growth allowed researchers to compare sexual habits of young Americans from 2011 to 2019.

The data reveals young people are having less sex and are less likely to cohabitate with partners, and women are increasingly going without sex for years.

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In one finding, the report’s authors note that sexlessness is more likely among single people living alone, not those who are married or living with a partner.

Only five percent of married people surveyed reported they’ve gone without sex this year.

However, fewer adults are living with their partners: the number of adults in live-in relationships has dropped from 40% to 32% since 2011.

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