America’s Infrastructure Is FALLING APART! Which U.S. City and States Are the Worst?

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No matter how much money is taken from people as taxes, there will never be enough money to pay for what is needed. Too much money is being used on war and killing the innocent. Too much money is being used to spy on everyone using the NSA, CIA, FBI and all of the rest of the alphabet. That’s where the tax dollars go. Meanwhile people are travelling every single day on roads and bridges that are worse than developing nations.
Maybe it’s not nice to say that countries shouldn’t send billions overseas for any reason but I just had to say it. When a nation is falling apart, you need to fix it up. Not spend trillions on war and big brother infrastructure.

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Look around the U.S. and you will see infrastructure that’s falling apart. There’s no way to deny it. Certainly some locations are worse than others. But there is no doubt that the problem is quite pervasive in most states. With more and more funding going into taxation on both Federal and State levels, you would think it was being spent on infrastructure…hmmm…
artbabridgemap.jpg (862×653)
chartoftheday_12737_thousands_of_american_bridges_are_falling_apart_n.jpg (960×684)
chartoftheday_8492_the_worst_roads_in_the_usa_n.jpg (960×898)
Over 54,000 American Bridges Structurally Deficient, Analysis of New Federal Data Shows – The American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA)
2018 ARTBA Bridge Report
Top 10 Bridges by State.xlsx
Top250_2018Report formatted.xlsx
Microsoft PowerPoint – 2018_Forecast_ARTBA_Webinar_Final

2 thoughts on “America’s Infrastructure Is FALLING APART! Which U.S. City and States Are the Worst?

  1. This is something that the rest of the world has been wondering about for decades.
    When will America fix it’s infrastructure?
    Will they ever stop murdering people in foreign countries.

  2. Given that untold trillions were spent on often unjustified wars in foreign countries it is no wonder that the infrastructure is failing. Look at the damage done by the many large riots and subsequent destruction of the inner cities over the past decades. The denizens of these places are hardly beneficent stewards of the streets. Time to bulldoze a lot of dead suburbia and plant hemp (no, not marijuana) to reclaim the land and turn some of it into agriculture.

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