America’s Response to China’s Successful Hypersonic Missile Test Doesn’t Work

by Chris Black

This is how an empire in decline looks like. This is what happens with diversity hires, meritocracy be damned.

The US’ own hypersonic weapon’s rocket boosters didn’t work. 

This is now the third time since April that the Pentagon’s version has failed.  

Lockheed Martin appears to be taking the lead on this weapons program. 

Most analysts are now agreeing that the US is possibly a decade behind China in the arms race despite Washington having 3X the military budget.

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The amount of graft and corruption in the military defense industry’s engagement with the government is finally catching up to ZOG. 

Lockheed Martin was tasked with developing the F-35 together with Israel (imagine my shock), which will cost US taxpayers $1.7 trillion (not a typo) dollars in total, just for the US Air Force to declare the plane a piece of junk. 

Now Lockheed is being paid to develop these hypersonic weapons and they are pieces of shit too. 

Everyone in Washington, from the politicians to the weapons contractors, is a criminal. 

They’re just looting the empire at this point.


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