America’s wealthiest pastor Kenneth Copeland worth $770,000,000

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Televangelist Kenneth Copeland, the richest pastor in America, avoids paying an annual property tax bill of $150,000 by claiming that his massive lakeside mansion is a clergy residence, which qualifies it for a complete tax break.

Copeland, 85, enjoys the spoils of his six-bed, six-bath house – with a sweeping spiral staircase, crystal chandeliers and a tennis court – without contributing a single dime to the area’s schools and first responders.

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The $7 million estate, located right outside of Forth Worth, Texas, is even driving distance from an airport bearing his name, from which he commands a fleet of private jets, including a Gulfstream V he bought from filmmaker Tyler Perry, according to an investigation by the Houston Chronicle.

Copeland has previously said that God told him to build the home for his wife Gloria.

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‘You may think that house is too big,’ he said at the 2015 Southwest Believers’ Convention in Fort Worth. ‘You may think it’s too grand. I don’t care what you think. I heard from heaven. Glory to God, hallelujah!’


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