Amnesty International confirms that Ukrainian troops hide and strike from schools, residential areas etc …

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  • Military bases are located in residential areas, including in schools and hospitals
  • Attacks are launched from areas inhabited by civil·e·s
  • These violations do not justify, however, not the indiscriminate attacks by Russian forces, which have left many dead and wounded among the civilian population

The forces of the Ukrainian endanger the civilian population by establishing bases and using of weapons systems in residential areas inhabited, including schools and hospitals, during operations to push back the Russian invasion, which began in February, Amnesty International said on August 4.

These tactics violate the international humanitarian law and seriously endanger the civilian population, because they transform a civilian into military targets. The strikes russians that have resulted in settlements have killed civil·e·s, and destroyed civilian infrastructure.

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“We have gathered information on many cases where the forces of the Ukrainian endangered civil·e·s and violated the laws of war, operating in populated areas, said Agnes Callamard, secretary general of Amnesty International.

“The fact of finding themselves in a defensive position does not exempt the army, the Ukrainian of the obligation to respect international humanitarian law. ”



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