An Act of Pure Evil From the Thirty-Second Floor and What the Media Are Not Telling You

by Robert Carbery
Addressing the nation on Monday, President Trump said the Las Vegas shooting was an “act of pure evil.” This much is true. With more than 59 killed and over 527 injured at the Route 91 Harvest Festival after a gunman opened fire for over ten minutes from the thirty-second floor of Mandalay Bay, my prayers go out to those in Vegas or those who have lost loved ones.
This is undoubtedly a tragedy and one that has rocked the nation. It shows how vulnerable we all are at the whim of a supposedly deranged man. But it also reveals how there are so many more good people out there than bad. The heroics of our law enforcement on the scene and other everyday Americans helping others amidst the chaos that erupted in Vegas on Sunday night reminds us all how fortunate we are to live in this country where most of us respect and love each other.
However, there are many questions and suspect storylines evolving as the dust is settling after the greatest mass shooting in recent American history was perpetrated.  
First, it was puzzling to learn that ISIS claimed the shooter as its “soldier” who was a recent convert to Islam. ISIS have not put out any proof to that, but the FBI have issued a definitive statement saying there are no connections to any international terrorist organization. As the media falls over itself and searches for the illusive motive of the shooter as information pours out about his background, the truth is getting lost in the frenzy that is now in full force.  
But there is more to this story that we’re not hearing.  
How did someone with 23 firearms and hundreds of rounds make it to the thirty-second floor of a supposedly secure building? How did it take police over an hour to find and break into his room after the shooting started? Many specifics do not quite add up.
How is it that more is not being made of a Hispanic-looking woman warning concert-goers 45 minutes before the shooting started that they were all going to die? The interview is out there, people heard her saying this. There was plenty of premeditation to this act and there was at least one accomplice. The facts coming out do not indicate that this was a lone wolf attack. There was help.
And the truth about the dead shooter’s political beliefs are being covered up. As Michael Snyder just unveiled in IWB, the shooter has gone to anti-Trump rallies and has ties to Antifa, literature of which was found in the hotel room. It would make sense for someone who hates Trump and who has been brainwashed by a pathetic and destructive organization to unload hundreds and hundreds of rounds into a mass of country music lovers, many Trump voters, at a concert.
But he wasn’t alone. He couldn’t have been alone.
The mid-sixty year old Vegas shooter (another liberal 60-something year old also attempted to gun down a team of Republican lawmakers near DC recently I’ll remind you) was apparently perched up on the thirty-second floor shooting down at the concert. The police did not find him until the smoke alarm went off in his room and they were finally able to pinpoint him. Yet, what is being lost in the concentration over this shooter is the fact that there was likely another.

There are videos around from that fateful night showing very clearly shots coming from what looks like the fourth floor of the Mandalay Bay as well. Many who were there said it sounded like there were shots coming from maybe more than one spot. These videos now show that another shooter got away. Get the truth out. Share the videos before they are taken down and the truth is covered up.
In pursuit of the gunmen, officers arrived at the suite on the thirty-second, where they were engaged through the hotel room door. A security guard was hit in the leg and is expected to recover. The story coming from law enforcement is that SWAT broke down the door and swarmed the room, finding the shooter dead, apparently killing himself. But can we believe them?
Infowars is reporting that “a source linked to the team” that stormed the room confirmed Antifa literature was found in his possession. Something you’re obviously not hearing from law enforcement or the mainstream media. Furthermore, the Vegas shooter did not commit suicide as the mainstream media is also reporting, but was killed by an FBI hostage rescue team.
In addition, the FBI found photos taken in Dubai of a woman linked to the 64-year old assassin. Could this have been the woman who knew of the attack beforehand who was warning many at the concert of their impending doom? Could there have actually been a link to ISIS?
There are still so many more questions than answers this early after the nightmare that unfolded on Sunday night. Don’t be distracted by the mainstream media game to play up this tragedy for ratings and pursue the nonexistent motive of the shooter. Don’t listen to their cries for more gun control when gun ownership has been declining for decades. The truth is out there and it is being lost in the noise.
There is something else going on here.
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