An amusing economic indicator: Strippers say a recession is guaranteed because the strip clubs are suddenly empty

by Not_FinancialAdvice

I’m kind of a fan of amusing alternative maybe-leading indicators. Before this one, the most amusing was the “Fluffy Puppy” indicator, which was flashing red a short time ago (accompanied by cute puppy video).

Today, the indicator du jour is strip club traffic.

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Some strippers on Twitter said they think recession is guaranteed – because the strip clubs are suddenly empty.

On Thursday (9 May), a woman who goes by @botticellibimbo on the platform said the following about the clubs: “The strip club is sadly a leading indicator, and I can promise y’all we r in a recession, lmao.”

“Me getting stock alerts just to decide whether it’s worth it to go to work,” she further wrote in a subsequent tweet.

People took to the comment section of her post to confirm her sentiments about the strip clubs, as well as their own experiences in other industries that seemed to be declining.

“Nah fr, reading all these articles journalists and economists are like we’re not in a recession we might not even get one this year or next…like the club is dead babe wym,” one wrote.


edit: added the fact that the video associated with the fluffy puppy indicator does in fact include puppies.


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