An empire of lies

by Chris Black

>We don’t have labs

>We cannot let Russia take over the labs

>We didn’t fund any labs

>Russia will release a bioweapon if they take over the labs

>There are no bioweapons in those labs

>We have labs in almost every country

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>The US/EU are in grave danger

>That previous statement was treasonous, we have no labs

To call all this contradictory or confusing is typical Chinese propaganda tactics.

China(and probably India as well) already knows burgers are lying. They want to expose the UN as a whole and publicly recognize it as corrupt agency.

The amounts of these grants are strangely large. Ukraine is a poor country, constructing a lab probably cost one or two million and then experienced lab techs can be paid $40,000 a year.

You don’t need $20 million for that. So where did all the money go? Was it diverted into other projects, or into a certain politician’s son’s pockets?


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