Latest News on Ukraine

by Chris Black

>Ukrainian Tochka missile lands in Donetsk City 20 reported dead, many injured

>Yavorovsky had 1,000 foreigners, foreign instructors and weapons

>Russian MoD: Yavorovsky military base hit with 30 cruise missiles

>Up to 180 foreign mercenaries were KIA

>New York Times journalist Brent Renaud KIA

>Russian Airborne Forces (VDV) entered Irpin, Kiev oblast

>Ramzan Kadyrov in Ukraine

>Russian flags raised in the village of Krymskoye

>Three explosions in Kramatorsk

>Russian Aerospace Forces bombed Yavorovsky training ground in Lvov region

>Russians allegedly set up a logistics base in Chernobyl

>Powerful explosions heard in the area of Bucha, Irpin, Gostomel and Vorzel in the Kiev direction.

>Kiev will only be conquered if Russia razes it to the ground – Zelensky

>Berdyansk, Kherson, Irpin, and Energodar have fallen – Mariupol, Chernihov, Kharkov surrounded or besieged

>Airfield in Lutsk heavily bombarded

>Pentagon says serious advance of Russian troops toward Kiev over last 24 hours

>Chinese drone producer DJI Global uses proprietary software to reduce Ukrainian drone capabilities

>Mayor of Ukrainian city Melitopol captured by Russian forces

>Ukrainian drone crashed in Zagreb

>Russia trying to evacuate Izium, DPR took Volnovakha

>Putin accepts Shoigu proposal; instructed to help all willing volunteers to get to the war zone in Ukraine.

>US funded biolabs did research into Bat coronavirus, Russian MoD says

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>Russia has asked China for military help and aid, US officials say, Russia denies it.

>Ukraine says 140,000 civilians have been evacuated from some front line locations

>30 Russian missiles were fired at a military training base, near the border Poland, killing foreign volunteers

>”Russia diluting international deployments in Armenia & Nagorno-Karabakh to reinforce operations in Ukraine, pulling additional forces from far east” – ISW

>Putin reportedly fired several generals & arrested FSB officers in internal purge

>Ukrainian forces kill the commander of Russia’s 29th Combined Arms Army, the third general killed so far

>Putin orders Instagram to be blocked in Russia, 80m Russians use Instagram

>Kremlin approves plan to send 16,000 arab “volunteers” to fight in Ukraine

>US warns Russia could be planning a chemical or biological attack

>Maternity hospital in Mariupol badly damaged in Russian airstrike, 3 dead, 1 a child

>Russia accuses US of conducting bio-warfare research in Ukrainian labs, US denies it.

>Major General Vitaliy Gerasimov, of Russia’s 41st Combined Arms Army, eliminated by Ukraine’s military intelligence operators

>Kherson & Melitopol only major cities under Russian control, large protests in both cities






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