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by Yojimbo, TBP

It’s worse than the average person could possibly imagine. This man is a patriot. All the conspiracy theories about the Council of Foreign Relations, the Federal Reserve, the Total Electronic Surveillance in conjunction with the Tech Giants, Pearl Harbor, MKUltra, Mockingbird – it’s all true. Guess who he says is the Senator most connected to the MIC and Deep State warfare? John McCain! (Of course).

And his revelations tie directly into the intel that Q has been providing, especially concerning John McCain and his treachery and treason, whom Q calls “his name we don’t say”.
Guest post by Anonymous Conservative via T4C

Q Predicts Trading Spies Through Murder – Are Snowden’s Days Numbered?

Q has implied that Snowden is going to be killed soon, presumably by the machine, to tie up loose ends. Both Snowden and John Perry Barlow were involved in the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and what Q claims was a compromised Secure Drop software release, designed to allow the CIA to snoop on whistleblowers and their communications with journalists. Q called Barlow dying of a heart attack, and has said Snowden is now the loose end left. I presume he is monitoring Deep State comms, and thus can call their hits.
I wondered if Snowden’s number was up now because Q had posted this:

Stanislav Lunev.
Payback for today.

Lunev was a highly damaging Russian defector. The Bridge would seem likely to be referencing the bridge where the US and the old Soviet Union would trade spies:

The Glienicke Bridge (German: Glienicker Brücke, About this sound German pronunciation (help·info)) is a bridge across the Havel River in Germany, connecting the Wannsee district of Berlin with the Brandenburg capital Potsdam. It is named after nearby Glienicke Palace. The current bridge, the fourth on the site, was completed in 1907, although major reconstruction was necessary after it was damaged during World War II.[1] During the Cold War, as this portion of the Havel River formed the border between West Berlin and East Germany, the bridge was used several times for the exchange of captured spies and thus became known as the Bridge of Spies.

Which would imply somebody was trading spies with the Russians. And somebody was getting payback in return for today.
On the 3rd, Q posted this:


Since then, this has happened:

Former Russian spy Sergei Skripal, who was convicted by Russia of betraying agents to British intelligence, was critically ill on Monday after exposure to an unidentified substance in Britain, two sources close to the investigation told Reuters.
British police said two people, a 66-year-old man and a 33-year-old woman, had been found unconscious on a bench in a shopping center on Sunday in the southern English city of Salisbury after exposure to the unknown substance.
Both are critically ill in intensive care. Police declared a major incident.

187 is police lingo for murdered, which could be interpreted as the trade in spies was not giving spies to each other, but rather agreeing to allow spies to be killed. Russia certainly got payback. I think Q assumed Lunev was the most likely trade, but the Russians may have wanted this other guy more for some reason. Or maybe they worried it was a setup so they hit a target that was unexpected, just in case surveillance was set up on Lunev, and waiting to catch them to blackmail them later.
It shows Q is working with incomplete intel, which I am sure is par for the course in that work.
So now the Russians have gotten their guy, and Q posted this:

Welcome to China.
Border crossing -3.
Spartans in Darkness.

That would be the play Snowden would make, if what Q claimed was happening was going down. The Russians got what they wanted, and now had to fulfill their part of the deal, so Snowden would no longer be safe in Russia. Likewise, the western world is permeated by the machine which made the deal, so he would not be safe there either, since Deep State can make a call, and any Western Intel or LE will have to stand down, or even turn and run support for the operation.
His best bet would be a third state with a hostile intelligence service, which could not simply be called up and told to make its intel stand down while foreign spooks took over and did their things freely. If Snowden went to Britain or Germany he would be just as fucked as he would be in Russia. His best bet would be China, and hoping the Chinese intel agencies were too territorial to let Western/Deep State intel operate on their soil freely. At least he would be evening up the odds by forcing western intel to hide and run small teams that would be susceptible to old-school counter-surveillance techniques to expose and lose them, while denying them access to the surveillance camera and tech networks which make running in the west all but impossible.
Of course it is complicated. He has to enter legally, I would think, lest the Chinese either pick him up and disappear him into a hole to extract intel or trade him to Deep State behind the scenes. And yet, I would think he would rather stay under the radar, lest the Chinese either disappear him into a hole to interrogate him, or trade him to Deep State behind the scenes. I’d love to know how he was playing that.

I do not see how anyone could doubt Q, or at least the Q with foreign intel responsibilities, after this. Especially if Snowden turns up dead soon, which I presume he either will, or he will surrender to Trump. Q would seem to have given us a genuine glimpse behind the curtain, complete with a mistaken assumption based on the incomplete intel that intel pros often have to work with.
As for Snowden, it is easy to take sides and relish his comeuppance, but it is also possible he was a naïve freedom-lover who was approached by some high-ranking CIA agent who sold him on their plan to try and save freedom by exposing awful abuses by corrupt players in the NSA. He could have simply been a misguided patriot who was run under a false flag by the corrupt elements in the CIA, and now he needs to be cleaned up before he tells his story. Or he could have been a corrupt scumbag who sold his soul to the machine to help them control and oppress everyone, and now his day has come under the benevolent rule of the God Emperor.
It is difficult to know which way is up when you are dealing with this kind of high intrigue.
Which brings us to this. If Q is real, what do we make of this:

What if the steel used for military-grade projects was made-inferior by our enemies as a method to weaken?
What if Hussein knew and authorized?
How many Marines volunteered to serve Hussein during his term?
What if his name we don’t say organized the deal?
The US taxpayer subsidizes the WORLD.
AMERICA has been sold to the highest bidder.
AMERICA has been weakened on purpose.
The depths of their TREASON is unimaginable.
Pure EVIL.
HELL on earth – HRC victory.

All I can say is wow.
If Q is real, this is a front row seat to the greatest story never told. I hope the comeuppance is worthy of the show so far.

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