An extensive portion of two speeches given by Congressman McFadden Regarding “The Federal Reserve Corporation” 1932 and 1934 before Congress

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This impassioned series of Quotes by an actual Patriot who understood the fundamental values of The united States of America, goes into great detail into how The FED sucked all of the wealth of the American People, siphoned it off to foreign investors(as well as their own foreign bank accounts), and replaced it with a system of debt with interest that has resulted in the debt slavery we see today.

F.D.R. was always touted as one of our “Great Presidents” when I was in school. This excerpt shows how he was actually a puppet of the banker parasites, and how his “New Deal” was actually an act of treason that facilitated the theft of wealth and ownership of land from the American People.

“Roosevelt did what the International Bankers ordered him to do!

“Do not deceive yourself, Mr. Chairman, or permit yourself to be deceived by others into the belief that Roosevelt’s dictatorship is in any way intended to benefit the people of the United States: he is preparing to sign on the dotted line! “He is preparing to cancel the war debts by fraud!

“He is preparing to internationalize this Country and to destroy our Constitution itself in order to keep the Fed intact as a money institution for foreigners. “Mr. Chairman, I see no reason why citizens of the United States should be terrorized into surrendering their property to the International Bankers who own and control the Fed. The statement that gold would be taken from its lawful owners if they did not voluntarily surrender it, to private interests, show that there is an anarchist in our Government.

“The statement that it is necessary for the people to give their gold- the only real money- to the banks in order to protect the currency, is a statement of calculated dishonesty!

“By his unlawful usurpation of power on the night of March 5, 1933, and by his proclamation, which in my opinion was in violation of the Constitution of the United States, Roosevelt divorced the currency of the United States from gold, and the United States currency is no longer protected by gold. It is therefore sheer dishonesty to say that the people’s gold is needed to protect the currency.

“Roosevelt ordered the people to give their gold to private interests- that is, to banks, and he took control of the banks so that all the gold and gold values in them, or given into them, might be handed over to the predatory International Bankers who own and control the Fed.”

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