An observation: the swamp stench arising from Nikki Haley.

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by HonorDefendBuckeye


Saw a story yesterday about how PDJT was suspicious of Mike Pence’s actual support for him, and how he was exploring alternative VP running mates for 2020. And the suggested replacement was (wait for it) — Nikki Haley. That is, the same person who went to great pains, in her Republican response to the last Obama State of the Union address, to trash the agenda that PDJT was advocating during the contest for the Republican nomination (and by implication PDJT himself). Her speech reeked of the globalist agenda.

First, there is effort to stir up trouble in the administration. Second, suggest Haley as a solution and keep her in public awareness thus setting a future table.

Third, I have received at least two mailings which advocate sending money to Nikki Haley as the person who cares about defeating “Socialism,” — stand with her against it.

While there may be questions concerning Mike Pence, Haley is a full bore globalist who is apparently well funded for mailings, and also able to float in stories at regular intervals to keep her name awareness prominent (gee, wonder if media has an agenda).

The globalists have a candidate they are seeking to sell, who would work to undo all the good work PDJT is doing. Her resume is thin, of little note, and rife with alarm bells. They cannot sell her to me. MAGA & KAG


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