2020 will be a whole new ballgame. There will be a worldwide attempt to make sure that Trump is defeated.

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by Chip Doctor

What used to be hidden trickery, has now become open warfare. Even if the small group is indicted, the embedded deep state will continue their coup attempt right up to the election. They don’t even try to hide it anymore. People like Jessie Liu operate in the open with no fear. They will once again risk everything to defeat PT. If you don’t believe this, look at the open theft of many house seats in 2018. What they openly did was illegal.

Social media are not even trying to hide their agenda anymore. They are flaunting their ability to sensor conservatives. They admit they are going to try and sway the election. They mock us. Likewise with the media. Likewise with cheating in elections. Likewise with the democrats. And the Republicans. And Christopher Wray and corrupt judges.

I believe that Obama/Valerie Jarrett central command is operating without fear as they use “the mother of all databases” to blackmail their way to victory. We KNOW that all these Republican Congress people are not leaving because they “want to spend more time with their families”.

There doesn’t really seem to be any serious pushback. IMO, we at the Treehouse and other conservative sites are just as, if not more so, complacent, in that WE know what is going on. But we don’t push back with more than cold anger and patience. Of all people, we should be the ones peacefully surrounding DOJ.

This is like a home invasion where a man at gunpoint is forced to watch his wife and daughter get raped and murdered. Does he at least try to stop it by lunging at the perpetrators, or watch in horror and fear?

We are told (rightly so) to not fall into the outrage trap being deployed by the small group regarding the coup. Fine…..but where for example, is the outrage over Facebook, Google and Twitter doing what they are doing? Where is the outrage at the obvious blackmail? Where is the outrage at Jessie Liu? Where is the outrage over corrupt judges? Where is the outrage over John Kerry openly trying to subvert PT’s foreign policy? Why did we allow house seats to be openly stolen? Why did we allow Ford to openly get away with lying about Kavanaugh? There was a time when Americans would not have tolerated this.

We are a very small minority. The vast number of deploreables are only vaguely aware of the level of evil aligned against PT. I believe we are whistling in the dark as we run out of time. There must be more that we can do to wake up the masses. We are waiting and putting our hopes in Bill Barr and John Durham to wake America up with indictments.

But what if, as most here seem to think, Bill Barr runs out the clock? Will we wait all the way through October 2020 for the Big Ugly October surprise? The masses will stay unaware while our enemies do to us what we did to them in 2016. And we cannot afford to lose. What in the world is wrong with peaceful million man marches on DOJ, Facebook and Google headquarters? Why is this discouraged?



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