President Trump’s DACA WIN-WIN-WIN

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by BlackKnightRides

• If SCOTUS declares Obama’s DACA unconstitutional, it ends.
… Big Business will buy Congressional votes to pass an Immigration Deal.
… POTUS will require Funding for the Wall, Closed Loopholes & Merit-based Immigration.

• If SCOTUS declares Trump cannot undo Obama’s DACA, it stays.
… POTUS then creates Deferred Action for Citizenship of Arrivals (DACA 2.0)
… Until Congress passes the Immigration Deal above.
… Successors cannot undo it.

• POTUS repeats this for Deferred Action of Visa Renewals
… Suspending all future Work Visas for any company whose workers overstay their Visas.
… Until Congress passes the Immigration Deal above.

Note: When companies object to “Replacement Training”, POTUS will give them 6-12 months in return for Training TWO Replacements to prevent future shortages.


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