ANALYSIS: Covid19, the Democratic Party, Big Pharma cure-repression & the invented “need” for a vaccine

by John Ward

To the left here is Dr Pierre Kory, President of the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), who three days ago called for the government to swiftly review the rapidly emerging medical evidence on Ivermectin. He is an honest man surrounded by the media power of depraved pharmaceutical fascism.

Remember that name: Ivermectin is a cheap drug in the “redeployed” sector of the market. If people start paying attention, thinking a little – and raising their eyes from the New York Times for just a few seconds every day – then Ivermectin has the capacity to reveal both the Democratic Party and the Pharmafia’s exploitation of Covid19. It has the power to out the State response to Coronavirus for exactly what it is now revealed to be: a quest for vast global profits, control over the citizen, and political power….at the expense of public health provision.

The data Kory quotes shows, without any doubt, the ability of the drug Ivermectin to act as a prophylactic against COVID-19, to arrest its spread, and to a large extent, keep those with early symptoms from progressing downhill towards death. We already know that the ‘HCQ cocktail’ can in turn take up the baton for disease management at slightly later stages. But it is Ivermectin’s proven prophylaxis that has stunned the frontline medical community.

“This is a miracle wonder-drug,” Kory Testified at last Tuesday’s Senate hearing, “If you take it before you’re infected, you will not get sick. If you take it on sensing the first symptoms, there is almost no chance that you will die”.

Older redeployed drugs are bad news for Pharma, because they cure stuff they weren’t designed to cure, have long-series data about safety and stability, and are often out of copyright. I know a lot about this trend, because another drug in the sector returned my second wife back to humanity from being a cabbage seven years ago, when she was struck down by Cerebro-Spinal Fluid loss.

For these reasons alone – because no others make any sense at all – The Faucis, Whittys, Horbys and Vallances of this who who suck at the nipple of global Pharma have serially killed people, lied, and denied the true efficacy of Ivermectin and HCQ/Zinc cocktails.

As those of us informed enough to know how dangerously experimental, half-baked and rush-tested the Pfizer (and other) vaccines are, most of us are not as we are depicted – rabid anti-vaxx freaks – but people who value public health provision. We have followed from Day 1 the scare-mongering tactics of the LibLeft media, the Democratic Party and 95% of Westminster MPs. We have looked on appalled as economies have been crashed in the name of “saving lives“, citizen Rights suspended, and all contrary Covid opinion crushed.

The sick-making PR of a stage-managed Pfizer injection of one 90 year old (complete with applauding nurses), the massive Government advertising campaign designed to instill guilt about an overwhelmed NHS, the hounding of both Didier Raoult in France and Pierre Kory in the US, the Democrat’s walk-out of Tuesday’s Senate hearing, the complete media blanking of Kory’s FLCCC breakthrough, the slanderous references thrown out by the increasingly disgraceful Boris Johnson, the association of “reckless” actions regarding the virus with President Trump in the US…the incriminating list of blatant mendacity and corruption are impossible to ignore.

We who oppose the Pfizer vaccine are not religious nutjobs: when tackling serious diseases, vaccination has a patchy track record; but its power over many ghastly things from leprosy to malaria cannot be denied.

What we resist – and will resist until the end – is Big Pharma experimentation on human beings for profit against a drug that kills 64 per 100,000…..when there are already safe and proven cures available – and more serious public health patient illness is being so obviously neglected.

In health breakthrough terms, making a mountain out of a molehill delivers obscene profits for Pharma rip-off artistes, and gifts horrifying powers to the control freaks in our species profile.

This is not mediaeval superstition. It is deduction based on incalculably dysfunctional Establishment approaches to a simple illness, and assessing the cui bono element – across the board from Reset scheming, Media collusion, Pharmafia control of medical research, and the sort of ridiculous economic risk that suits the banking community, and Bond-villain hobgoblins like Klaus Schwab von Davos.

People ask me in person, via email, online, in comment threads, “Why would they do these things? Why would they lie?” The anwer, as always, is money, control and hegemonous power – the 3D of 21st century life I’ve been banging on about for 16 years: Distraction and Distortion to achieve Deception.

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Kory nails the depraved nature of this series of crimes against humanity in his repetition of the sound data on Ivermectin – a drug in which he has no undeclared interest, and nothing material to gain from its use:

“….the amount of evidence the FLCCC Alliance has amassed and compiled into a manuscript far exceeds the level required for a compassionate use authorization as defined by the FDA. That happened for Remdesivir, a drug with far less supportive evidence and much, much higher cost….why can’t it happen for Ivermectin given this level of evidence? How many more trials have to be done when our manuscript results from over 20 studies— with over ten of them randomized controlled trials? We are in a pandemic, we are at war, stop pretending this is peacetime where we are conducting business as usual. The NIH must rapidly review the data and make a recommendation.”

One thinks of all those ignored Giuliani affadavits.

The FLCCC Alliance has been censored on the subject of Ivermectin on Facebook and other social media with the FLCCC’s pages repeatedly being shut down. No representative from the CDC, the NIH or the World Health organization has contacted them. This isn’t incompetence on a globally systemic scale – it’s a surrender to the moral hazard of being bankrolled by an obscene python. It is a transfer of power from elected citizens. It is part of rigged elections. It is the granting of immunity against corporate criminality. It is totalitarian fascism in the classic Mussolini sense.

If you have the time, watch the introduction given to Pierre Kory by the committee Chair, and then listen to what Kory has to say:

“One day there will be a reckoning, and these swine will be tried for Crimes Against Humanity”.

How often have I read that on comment threads and in emails or heard it during videos not yet taken down by YouTube?

Well, the way things are going, there isn’t going to be a reckoning. The judiciaries will do what the governments want, as will the police, the educators and the main media – all those interests who used to be on our side have defected. Nobody ever trusted the financial community anyway, so they at least are consistent.

There is no help coming. There isn’t going to be a Lusitania or a Pearl Harbor. The counterbalance this time is China, not America.

How many times do I need to observe this? We. must. help. ourselves.

Push the new Opposition towards a united front against neocon hegemony. Withdraw support from the existing Establishment whores. Create encrypted hubs of broadcast information online. Withhold your licence fee from the BBC. Punish every underminer of Brexit. Demand access to tried and trusted viral containment drugs. Boycott Facebook….

…..go on Twitter strike every time a free thinker is banned, etc etc etc.

Hit the bastards where it hurts, organise to demonstrate strength, but above all stop giving me 500 reasons why something or other can’t be done, and stop accusing me of over-generalising. Such things are mere excuses for staying melded to the sofa.




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