Analysis on Europe’s Forced Dependency on Russian Natural Gas

by Chirs Black

Russia announced it will cease gas deliveries to Poland via Bulgaria tomorrow, on Wednesday 27th, because the Polish government still refuses to settle payments in Rubles, as per Putin’s request when it comes to unfriendly countries.

The Polish government says they have enough gas reserves and that they’ve been independent from Russian gas for years. I call BS on that.


The truth is that 55% of Poland’s gas imports come from Russia. The Russians were very, very patient but enough is enough.

You know that saying, play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Consider: during the Second World War, the Ukrainians massacred large numbers of Poles, probably more than 100,000, in the Polish provinces of Wolyn and Lvov. This was done by the Banderista party ,the OUN. The Germans were onlookers to these particular massacres.

After the war , in 1946, both ancient Polish provinces were transferred by Stalin to the Ukraine and the remaining Poles were booted out.

You really would have thought that the Poles of 2022 would remember that and not be particularly pro Ukrainian.

But we’re in the current year and everything is retarded.

Here’s the deal about the Russia-EU extravaganza:

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Germany, EU’s largest economy, receives its natural gas from Russia through Nord Stream 1 and also via a pipeline traversing Ukraine into Poland.

Nord Stream 1 can continue to deliver gas to Germany but huge quantities are forwarded to France, Netherlands and indirectly to UK and others. Germany can even pump back Russian NG to Poland in case the Ukrainian pipelines are shut down.

And there is Nord Stream 2: extensively tested, filled and ready to go. It only needs a rubber stamp from Germany but that is verboten by the US/UK overlords.

This pipeline as well as Nordstream 1 was built by private companies only, but the biggest share was Russian money. NS 1 is now complete.

Therefore Western Europe including Poland has an alternative to the pipelines through Ukraine which anyhow might be blocked soon by the ongoing military activities.

However neither the US nor the UK or France want true European, especially German, energy independence. Technological this would have been since long possible but it was always verboten for Germany to continue on this path.

One example is the deep drilling in Germany. The results of these scientific activities are a still secret according to what I have read on the internet.

The “Kontinentales Tiefbohrprogramm der Bundesrepublik Deutschland” or KTB is estimated to have swallowed ~ 350,000,000 USD, with more than 700 scientists and technicians working on it over a period of about twelve years (1987-1995).

It is not a surprise that the KTB borehole was never planned to be a “conventional” hydrocarbon exploration well. Instead, it was a project that had to present a significant German contribution towards the understanding of the continental crust, stress fields, crustal fluids and its thermal structure.

Putin doesn’t make empty threats. They are either going to start paying in Rubles next week or the EU economy will collapse.


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