ANALYSIS: why half-starved State pensioners, underpaid NHS frontline medics & near-bankrupt small businesses are all on the same side.

by John Ward

Your enemy is not Newscorp, or cheapskate Tories, Brussels, looney Labour, Brexit, Covid19 or recession. Your enemy is now the people they work for. All the power-links point the same way. Don’t be duped any more by national legislator promises that can’t be fulfilled: this is now a cause way beyond regional politics. Look instead for powerful and decent allies with whom to unite against the repression of the Gigarich Blob.

Mark Carney became Governor of the Bank of England in 2012. Two years earlier, the Tory/Libdem Coalition had come to power in the UK. George Osborne the British Chancellor (a man not endowed with a profound grasp of anything, let alone fiscal economics) justified the choice as he told the BBC’s Business Editor Robert Peston that Carney was the “outstanding choice” who would “bring a fresh perspective” to the job.

He was the first non-British BoE Governor in the institution’s history, which stretches back to 1694.

What the Canadian actually brought to the position was as follows: membership of the financial stability board in Basle, membership of the Bank of International Settlements, coveted membership of the Group of Thirty in the World Economic Foundation, a host of swinging dicks from his time at Goldman Sachs, and useful contacts from his spell at the Bilderberg Group. When it came to the people really running the world, Carney had the full set. More than slightly out of his depth, Osborne craved the access to globalist financial that his new recruit represented.

Mr Carney’s appointment was nothing less than an early confirmation of the strong Wall Street – blocist – US Fed – BIS – WEF – Bilderberg grip on every financial centre in the world. His policies followed the wishes of the Gigarich to the letter.

An early piece of Carney advice was to advise the UK Chancellor to show the hegemonists that he had the balls to be ultra-tough on getting Britain’s “unsound” fiscal situation under control. Over the next four or so years, Osborne made a point of humiliating soft targets for economic repression – most notably the State Pension reform victims, and frontline NHS staff. Both groups had been appallingly treated by the State; they were to receive absolutely no justice. Osborne followed a policy of austerity – a ridiculous strategy given the existence of Zirp – the Zero Interest Rate Policy brought in to save the effectively insolvent key global banks after 2008.

In the lead-up to the Brexit vote, Carney regularly overstepped his remit with fearmongering about dire consequences were Brexiteers to win. Once the Leavers won and Osborne fell, it became clearer than ever that Carney was going to hang around and do everything in his power to undermine the transition to imagined UK Independence. This included damaging interest rate interventions that remain unexplained, and rates pessimism that caused Sterling’s value to fall.

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His cause was helped by the fact that the Home Office in general (and Sir Mark Sedwill’s MI6 in particular) had recruited new Prime Minister Theresa May during her seven year stint as Home Secretary – and she in turn had appointed arch blocist Remainer Philip Hammond as the new Chancellor of the Exchequer. Needless to say, Hammond pronounced that Carney was doing “an absolutely fantastic job” in Threadneedle Street. Carney repaid him by ensuring that the UK remained umbilically tied to the EU’s European Investment Bank (EIB) and its propensity to run up bad debts into the trillions. (The Slog wrote at length about this calumny at the time)

The Brexit Johnny-come-Lately blond Blob currently inhabiting Downing Street has done nothing to dump this missing bung in the little vessel rowing like mad to avoid being pulled under by the SS Eutanic. He dimissed the Waspi/Backto60 claim with a stroke of his Mont Blanc pen at the end of a brief and disgracefully lightweight response to their legal claim for reparations. And this is the man we’re supposed to believe wants to “save the NHS”.

Why would he? For he is very obviously a man connected at every level to globalist media barons, greedy neolib privatisers, military intelligence designed to demonise Putin (the Skripal fiasco) and Newscorp/police attempts to quash the Hackgate inquiry during 2013. As a London mayor, a Foreign Secretary and a Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has done the bidding of the Great Resetters all the way down the line. (The nature of Boris the Spider was in turn covered at length here)

Johnson and his oily midget Manflu Halfcock are busy doing exactly the same over the Covid19 caper. This sociopathic, artificially intelligent duo have spent massive fortunes to contain one wimpy virus that will leave Britain in hock for decades to come…and every penny of unwisely spent panic buying and squandered gdp is an insult to the female SPA victims, the frontline NHS workers, and the Brexiteers hoping for a healthy start to our new life outside the Brussels stockade.

I put this question to the people in and around Waspi, Backto60, medical unions, Labour traditionalists who voted to leave the EU and those variously in the Brexit Party, Tory Brexit Groups, UKIP, the SDP and the Time Party: surely you have far more in common as decent people ranged against the top-down anti-free speech & civil rights dictators than you have differences?

I advocated supporting Boris in 2019 because he was the only politician even remotely likely to deliver genuine Brexit. I was wrong to do this: it is now abundantly clear that he is reverting to financialised City Slicker type. That said, the Labour Opposition under State apparatchik Sir Keir Starmer is at war with itself – and those on the other side are far more interested in the welfare of obscure sexuality and Soros-stoked ethnic narcissism than they are in the pauperisation of pensioners, blue collar entrepreneurs and a strangled NHS.

The people your current legislators work for are the real hobgoblins who have frustrated your inalienable right to be heard, and rebuffed your compassionate pleas to see the Common Good of law-abiding citizens come before the unjustifiably privileged. It’s time those who genuinely represent your interests put their egos to one side for the duration of the Third World War, and formed an alliance to stop the rapid progress of Evil.




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