Ancient American Indian Civilizations that you never knew about, for sure Not the history you were TOLD!

Long Watch, but some of the best Artifacts and art I have never ever seen before… until now.
History of the real Indians and why they fought for the land they care about so much.
Egyptian art in America, Inca art in the states!
Mounds in Michigan and West Virginia, just to name a few.
Found in mounds all over America.

Ancient World History – Ancient Civilizations – The Unknown History Of Americas – Part 23. This is a documentary depicting the Ancient Civilizations of the North and South Americas much before the Incas/Aztecs and much before the European colonization. Most of the Ancient History of the Americas have been destroyed either by natural calamities or by colonial rulers. Lot of the facts have been misrepresented by the new people who wiped out the Ancient Tribes and their old religions and cultures. This documentary gives insights into the old history. The Ancient Tribes were very advanced and had lot of knowledge on various subjects like the Egyptian, Chinese, Indian, Sumerian Cultures. There are many similarities between these cultures which are found in the Americas!! You will see artifacts depicting Ancient People wearing costumes similar to spacesuits. Amazing!! There are Pyramid structures and buildings very similar to Old Civilizations and in old Europe much before the people from Europe went there!! The Ancient People were very connected to Nature and possessed Higher State Of Consciousness which was similar to the other Ancient Civilizations of Earth!! Fascinating documentary!!

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