Ann Coulter Stuns The Establishment By Posting This Message On Twitter: ‘Michael Snyder For Congress!’

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By Michael Snyder
I was absolutely floored when I learned what had happened.  On Saturday night I was going through my emails, and I discovered that one of my supporters had sent me a message informing me that Ann Coulter had mentioned me in a tweet.  I wondered if that could possibly be true, so I immediately went to Twitter to confirm it.  It turns out that she had come across an article on Conservative Firing Line in which I had mentioned her, and along with retweeting that article she included the following message: “Michael Snyder For Congress!”

Needless to say, the political establishment up here in Idaho is not going to like that one bit.  I have been told over and over again that I am “too conservative” for Idaho, and the RINOs definitely do not want prominent conservatives on the national level getting behind me.  Because there is no incumbent, this is a totally wide open race, but many of the “establishment Republicans” in this state would rather have a steaming pile of garbage win than see me take this seat.
They don’t like me because I am unconventional, I am a fighter, and I am not afraid to stand up to members of my own party.  I am very open about the fact that if I win I plan to campaign against RINOs all over the nation, and so as you can imagine that is not making me a lot of friends among the establishment.  That is why I need your help.  The establishment money is not going to get behind me, so in order to win this must be a grassroots effort.  If you would like to contribute to the campaign, you can do so here…
I think the fact that I am a fighter is why Ann Coulter likes me.  For way too long we have put up with spineless Republicans that give the Democrats virtually everything that they want.  If the Democrats are going to get everything their way no matter who is in power, what is the point of even having a Republican Party?
The more time goes by, the more I appreciate Ann Coulter.  She fights relentlessly for the things that she believes in, and she never backs down.  If every Republican member of Congress was just like her, we would not be in the giant mess than we are in today.  I am so glad that she wants me to win this race, and if you would like to help make that a reality, we could really use your help this month…
At the end of this month is our first big FEC deadline.  Conservative organizations around the country will be looking to see how much I raised compared to my opponents, and they will be making decisions on where to allocate resources based on those numbers.
If I don’t raise as much money as my opponents when the next report comes out, it is likely that I won’t get some big checks from conservative organizations that I otherwise could have gotten.  So I can’t stress strongly enough how much I need to hear from each one of you.  This is do or die time, and we have 21 days for a miracle to happen…
When I say that we need a “miracle”, I am not exaggerating.  Even though so many other aspects of the campaign are going tremendously well, fundraising is not nearly at the level that it should be.  And of course I take responsibility for that.  Fundraising is new to me, and I have a lot to learn.  Plus, I was raised to be very self-sufficient and independent, and it is not easy for me to ask for help.
So let me just be very, very honest with you.  We desperately need financial help for this campaign.  Even though everything else is going so incredibly well, a lack of financial support could absolutely cripple us.  Every single dollar is so incredibly valuable at this stage, and I am praying for hundreds of people to contribute to the campaign after seeing this message…
In so many other ways this campaign is taking off spectacularly.  But if we don’t get some fuel for our engines, we are going to come crashing back down to the ground.  We know what we need to do in order to get our message out to every voter in this district, and if we can get that done we will win.
Since there is on incumbent in this race, it is a golden opportunity to send a true freedom-loving conservative to Congress.  People always complain that we “don’t have anyone good to vote for”, but now that good candidates are stepping forward, it is absolutely imperative that we support them…
If candidates such as myself don’t win Republican primaries next spring, the choices will be exceedingly bleak in November 2018.  In most cases, people will be stuck choosing between a Democrat and an establishment Republican.
Is that what you want?
If not, now is the time to take action.
If you live in my district, I am asking for your vote, and if you live anywhere in the United States, I am asking for your financial support.
As you can see from what Ann Coulter posted, we are starting to create buzz about this campaign all over the nation.
But I can’t do this alone, and I desperately need your help.
In Liberty,
Michael Snyder

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20 thoughts on “Ann Coulter Stuns The Establishment By Posting This Message On Twitter: ‘Michael Snyder For Congress!’

  1. I am so happy for you, Michael, as this is a gift from God. She will bring your name out of the woodwork and bring attention to the issues and how you plan to handle them. Get ready, God is preparing you.

    • As an Independent Conservative Republican. A Federalist I will always stand with the Declaration.
      And look for the phonies and highlight them as I see fit.

  2. While Michael looks like a good guy on the surface, and he wants to tackle many of the core problems facing America, how can he NOT SEE that the very people causing all the problems, are the one he licks the boots of? That is the jews, and Israel.
    He wants to go after planned parenthood, that is a totally jewish dominated industry. Is he stupid? We can’t afford to take the “oh he is being sneaky and trying to combat them a different way” approach like Ron Paul. Paul got $30 MILLION from supporters because he mentioned one catch phrase “audit the fed”….where the hell did $30 million go?
    To say you are all for America, and support the very ones DESTROYING AMERICA is more than a little strange. Can nobody else see this? How does he respond to the FACTS? How does he continue to support jews when they are behind planned parenthood and everything else he wants to fight? It is Bizarre to say the least.
    Especially when these creatures tell it to your face that THEY ARE THE PROBLEM, and it matches the evidence we see all around us……yet Michael has rose colored glasses on and loves them. Does not make sense at all.

    • Every day and any hour of that day.
      My wealth is my loved ones.
      Difference is I don’t have to use brag to pump myself up.
      Or pretend that I’m something I am not.
      I earned my PH.d.

      • I am willin to give ALL my earthly possessions, including loved ones in the battle against Satan and his minions.
        . for US Senate, Kentucky, 2020, Ditch da Mitch
        No BANKSTER, PoliTick, Judge, Crony Corporate Fascist or Traitor too Big to JAIL or Impeach!

        • Excuse me. After all your loved ones are sacrificed by you. What will you have gained? You would then have nothing to live for. And Satan and his minions will have won.
          Are your loved ones that worthless to you?
          Not a morality I could practice.
          I will never sacrifice anyone. I would give my VERY LIFE to protect them.
          I would stand MY ground to even protect my earthly possessions.
          When I am gone it belongs to them.
          My family is more precious to me than a rich mans gold.
          After all when Jesus time came HE did not sacrifice one of the disciples to take his place. To just stay alive.
          No Instead he gave HIS ALL. For all people for all time.
          I can do no less.
          And He did fight Satan and his minions.

          • Do you NOT understand how THEY influence people? If you will NOT allow yourself to be blackmailed. THEY will threaten your friends, kill a few and then your loved ones to comply. Over 70 some Tea Party members won congressional seats in 2010. In 2011 the first thing they did was to git the STOCK Act passed. That made it Illegal for insider trading by Congressmen and their staffs. Who ever thought that dat was legal?
            One year latter, on day two of the Boston Marathon Bombing, Congress gutted out the Stock act making it practically worthless with NO votes against it. In one year THEY blackmailed ALL the Tea Party with Hot Babes, Young Boys, money, threats on what they did in the past, or just plain threaten their loved ones. That’s how dey roll!
            The most of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and Congressional Congress gave up their entire worth, a few had their wives and children killed and a couple more died for the cause..

  3. Snyder is just another dumbassed suicidal Christian Zionist and so is Ann Coulter. So what kind of gas does anyone expect to come out of her mouth?

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