Anon: I’ve Trained Cops in a Professional Context and They Don’t Know What the F*CK They’re Doing

by Chris Black

Even cops that have been on the force for 5 years can do legitimately embarrassing things. We’ve seen (big city) SWAT shove an AR15 magazine in backwards, how do you manage that?

Put cops on FoF (force on force) scenarios and they crumble when these shooters show up with the street heat and employ violence of action paired with legitimate tactics.

The supposed “top of the line” guys coming to “rescue you” are remarkably ineffective when the chips are down.

The sort of person that goes into policing is not a gunfighter.

Even the best SWAT (unless they came from that weird transitional era where [redacted] and the ex-delta boys started pioneering it) aren’t gunfighters. SWAT has that illusion as they have numbers and are used to winning every confrontation. However, at the end of the day they’re just like you but with a license to kill from the government.

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Most Euro SF is like that too, just a dude with good cardio. Gunfighters are a rare and specific breed like the Natural Born Killer.

Remember that shooting with Cruz?

The Stoneman Douglas HS shooting? Kid was so fucking stupid he didn’t even shoot through the windows because he thought they’d be “bullet proof” to a 5.56 round.

Yeah, that one.

Their local security and the police responders are genuinely not psychologically equipped to handle scenarios with an active threat environment.

Not having an NBK attached to a group is bad news. It can’t be all NBKs but striving for more than 0 is always good. You can teach people not to run away and train them well, but the NBK has ultimately got the edge.


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