Anonymous Hacker Group Glows in the Dark

by Chris Black

Just looking at “Anonymous'” targets — the Syrian government, China, Russia, white nationalists, Trump supporters etc — it’s obvious that they’re some kind of US government backed COINTELPRO mixed with global cyber warfare.  Looks like now we have evidence.

Julian Assange is supposedly their inspiration, yet notice how they don’t seem to  have any issue with the governments and people who are torturing him to death right now. 

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Assange’s imprisonment is this century’s greatest attack on press freedom in the world right now. A man who is not a US citizen has been abducted by orders from Washington because he published information in a journalistic capacity that made them look bad. 

Yet Anonymous spends all its time chasing Q boomers and people who ask questions about the Holocaust. People using their First Amendment rights rather than carrying water for the worthless, corrupt and discredited parasites wrecking our country and the world from Washington.  

They probably don’t care about the hypocrisy as long as the glows keep the estradiol flowing, but their behavior is that of unprincipled sellouts and rats and should just be assumed to be US intelligence activity.


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