Another More Terrible Financial Crisis Is Coming— For the Benefit of a Few

by Jesse

“So we may not be that far away from the next bubble bursting, and I could imagine, if I think about policy, what we just talked about, with the end of a recovery cycle, we’ve pumped $4 trillion in this country, $30 trillion globally, into the economy with monetary policy.   So that’s tapped out.

We are now using fiscal policy to overheat a late-stage recovery in order to keep the Republicans in office.  We are doing nothing to bolster underlying growth with educational reform, infrastructure reform, et cetera.”

Rana Foroohar, The Rich Have an Escape Plan

“I think it’s important in the power of finance and how pervasive this is throughout the economy, this has very little to do with Republicans and Democrats. In fact, some of the key opening doors for finance happened in the Clinton administration.”

Paul Jay, Clinton’s Committee To Save the World Unleashes Wall Street

Rana Foroohar is an associate editor and global business columnist for The Financial Times, and CNN’s global economic analysts. She’s the author of Makers and Takers: The Rise of Finance and the Fall of American Business.

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