Another Obama Legacy Down the Tubes: FCC Rolls Back Internet Regulations

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by Chris Black
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The FCC (Federal Communications Commission ) voted (3-2 vote) on Thursday to roll back Obama era legislation that established far reaching rules regarding how ISPs (internet service providers) should treat traffic on their networks. The 2015 net neutrality legislation was one of the most important regulatory action of Barack Obama’s administration, and it required ISPs to treat all internet traffic the same, i.e. without slowing/blocking content, nor providing “discriminatory broadband” for favored services or websites.
According to the GOP, the rolling back of net-neutrality legislation is a good thing, as they seem to favor a “deregulated” internet if you like, free markets and all that, which may result in an improved experience for customers, things like more choices and lower prices, together with a faster internet.
There are voices who fear that the dismantling of the net-neutrality legislation will somehow affect the delivery of internet content to customers. For example, some major league ISPs could start offering special deals with pricing schemes set to deliver a certain type of content, but not others. For example, specific services/websites could be exempted from a mobile carrier, say Verizon or Comcast’s data caps. The man behind the new internet rules is Republican FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, who pedaled the idea that customers will benefit from more transparency, as in they’ll know exactly what they’re getting, while the FCC and the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) will focus on protecting customers against deceptive and anti-competitive behaviors.
However, fans of the government controlling the internet are fearing that the change will end up with higher prices for consumers and a Balkanization of the internet.
Watching the SJW’s crying on social media about how “the interwebz will be lost forever” and Trump is to blame, obviously, it seems they believe that completely eliminating our government’s interference with the internet is the same as proactively interfering with the internet. You lefties are hilarious today.
The WEB was created and improved and has spread everywhere without the government control you leftists crave.  But like a good leftist, once the goodies are created, you obsess about controlling them.
So basically,  we’re back to how it was pre-2015.   All this doom and gloom baffles me, the rules didn’t exist for the first TWENTY years of the internet, and everything went fine.  I don’t understand what the big change in the last 2 years has been that would suddenly cause a roll-back to 2014 rules to now be apocalyptic.  But I am sure you’ll explain it to me in the comments.
PS: When has the internet experience been better: the last two years or the prior decade when it was free and open?

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9 thoughts on “Another Obama Legacy Down the Tubes: FCC Rolls Back Internet Regulations

  1. This will be bad for the truth, very bad.
    Mr. Trump, as he does not represent US, us being we, the people, Mr. Trump, works for The United States Company 1871, a Rothschild Company, formerly, The United States of America 1776, of we, the people.
    As it is Mr. Trump works for the foreign entity Rothschild Inc., we should expect nothing he does will be for us.

  2. How can treating all content (Information/voices) on the Internet equally be a problem?
    I do not need a Nanny to step in and block it for me by reducing its accessibility.
    When I do not like it, I will not visit it.
    In the past twenty years we got Nanny State’s: this Month’s possible renewal of NDAA, NDAA, Patriots Act, TSA, a failed attempt at controlling an invaluable communication device called the Internet.
    Yesterday they got another one: control of the internet.
    It will now turn the Internet into television “news”–garbage.
    It’s value is not its speed, or technology.
    it is its content–its information–its Voice.
    This will start happening everywhere the government propaganda is challenged:
    You want complete deregulation, go live in Somalia.

    • “”It will now turn the Internet into television “news”–garbage. It’s value is not its speed, or technology, it is its content–its information–its Voice””
      We lost the Village Voice long ago, some more of Woodrow Wilson or before him(?) I think. Mayer Amschel Bauer(?). A time when whoever owned the Printing Press owned the truth, meaning, they could do with the truth whatever they wanted, no rules or regulations back then.
      It has been ages, literally ages, since we, the people, had access to the truth, since before Rome(?). Since the Sumerians? We know from the
      Egyptians on, we, the people, have been served up one platter of outrageous lies after the other. On every continent too.
      Now, today, here in the, and with Hollywood’s Trump, a Rothschild employee; watched an old interview, Trump did, when he could still get an erection, a little cutey, talking like a man about how government should work for the people; yeah, money talks and BS walks.
      Alex Jones, for example, learned a thing or two, from Trump, that is, how to have two faces, both of them liars, both of them thieves, just like daddy, the Banker King.
      Excellent post, thanks.
      We had/have a chance, Flat Earth- (please look into this, it will stun you to learn, your eyes are a scientific tool) -for one thing, the Moon Landing(s), Outer Space, Satellites and Vaccines; from A to Z all the truth coming out, now we are going back too -all BS.
      Once people know some truth they will hunger for more. Flat Earth, No Blue Stains On the Walls Of The So Called Gas Chambers, ie, no Jews Holocaust, the East India Company, a Rothschild outfit, murdering Indians, us, catching the blame; Muslim and fake Hebrew slavers, every ship bringing slaves registered to fake Hebrews, us, catching the blame for it; every war, we, the people, refused to have it, yet they happened and we, the people, catch the blame, as in, “Americans.”
      On and on it goes; Jordan Maxwell, taught us: everything you think you know is a lie; nothing ever said, can be truer.
      We were getting if not free- (without Justice there can be -no freedom, we still have a long way to go on that one) -if not free, smarter, at least some of us were getting smarter; the other’s, they would have to join us or be like sore thumbs; today, the way Trump works is -time, say something, wait, wait, wait, time will allow the people to forget and wah-la that promise goes away.
      We, the people, are absolutely No Better Off than we were with Obama, nothing is true, nothing is for we, the people, we are encountering a smoke screen, but, soon, that too will blow away as we are made to face reality: there are too many people, too much truth coming off the Internet, and, The United States Company, a Rothschild enterprise, is running the whole show and it is, nothing but a show. Guess what, we are not the audience, we are the bit player’s, expendable, according to the script, ie, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion…
      Good night, cruel world, if not for us now, coming soon.

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