Ask a defender of sanctuary cities to defend the policy and their first argument invariably is immigrants fearing deportation won’t help local crime fighters who cooperate with the feds. We hear it so often, it’s become a truism, part of the governing assumptions underlying of the debate about illegal immigration.

But guess what? There’s as much credible, concrete evidence for this sanctuary claim as there is for the proposition that Nancy Pelosi’s secret pleasure is watching Beta tapes (remember those?) of old Ronald Reagan speeches. LifeZette ace Brendan Kirby has the details on a new report out today from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).

This group is an advocate of tough immigration enforcement, to be sure, but, as FAIR’s Matthew O’Brien told Kirby, “Illegal immigrants aren’t afraid of ICE. I mean, come on, we have DACA kids chaining themselves to the Capitol, refusing to leave.”

h/t MT