Another Reason to Avoid Communist Central

by Jim Quinn

OK, for sure they have not been funny for a long time.  Just as with Saturday Night Live, the comedy part of Communist Central pretty much left the room when they found out that they had a platform to disseminate their fowl Communist agenda.  But it’s just a stupid cable tv garbage tier network.  Who could care.  Just don’t watch it.

But the web runs far deeper than you could ever imagine.  You think that they aren’t conspiring.  Of course they are conspiring.  Here is the proof.

Perhaps you are not aware of the controversy so let me esplain.  Jim Jefferies, who I always thought was funny as shit, no really, I loved his standup, got himself a show on Communist Central.  His people reached out to Avi Yemini, who is apparently an Australian Vlogger and IDF graduate for an interview.  He agreed and they taped the interview many months ago in Singapore.  The show that aired was cut so as to show Avi as a bigot.  I know eh.  Who would expect that from a comedy show on Communist Central.

But Avi certainly did expect it so he placed two cell phones in the room to record the actual interview and then he put the real interview up on the internet for all to see.  In the real interview it was Jefferies who came out sounding like a bigot.  He made bigoted slurs against all kinds of immigrants probably in an attempt to goad Avi into making some kind of racist remark.  But he didn’t.  So they proceeded to cut the video to make it look like he did anyway.  And they came up smelling like roses.  Well no, maybe not roses but something that really smells.

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Being good communists they immediately snuck back under the cabinets as soon as some light was shown on them.  Nobody at Communist Central has commented on or apologized for their actions.  But they sure did do something.  They complained to the DHS and put a freeze on Avi’s passport.  He wouldn’t be allowed into the country because he had the unmitigated gall to show that Communist Central had lied.

This is bad enough and I could stop here but consider this dear reader.  Communist Central is a protected class in merika.  They have the power to keep people out of the country.  Of course, they can’t go to LAX and shoot Avi any more than you or I could, but they can drop a dime on him and make damned sure that their viewers won’t be able to hear from him.  He won’t be able to do any mischief in merika because he won’t be allowed in because he revealed that Communist Central cheats.  Now we all know that Communist Central cheats and they won’t be able to distribute the lies that they were being paid to distribute.  Think of the children who will go hungry because Communist Central writers and producers have lost their jobs.  The economy will slide into recession and dogs will lie down with cats.

Oh, wait a minute, none of those people who work for Communist Central have any kids.  They don’t swing that way.  And the only thing they spend money on is Soy Lattes at starbucks.  Their economic contribution is minimal – will hardly be missed.  But still, dogs will lie down with cats.

And finally, think about this.  The communist agenda is being protected by the state.  DHS is protecting communist central.  In the junta of trump DHS is kicking out a jew from Australia for exposing the communist tactics.  Makes you kinda sit up doesn’t it?


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