Another Trick being used against Trump

via FR:

After responding to several posts here on FR about not being able to view certain Twitter accounts I have performed an experiment.

The problem: It seems that going to certain Twitter accounts that they do not load or they display with a message, “Try Again”. I have responded to several posts to simply hit refresh multiple times to see the content.

The question: Is this intentional? Is Twitter doing this to dissuade people from reading certain Twitter feeds?

The experiment: I went to multiple Twitter pages (on the web, not a phone app). I do not have a Twitter account – I deleted mine years ago during the Hussein Administration. When going to the Twitter feeds, I watched to see if the page immediately loaded or was I met with an error message.

The results:

@realDonaldTrump – had to refresh 3 times
@TrumpWarRoom – had to refresh 3 times
@TeamTrump – immediate load
@RudyGiuliani – had to refresh 3 times
@GOPChairwoman -immediate load
@RealRLimbaugh – had to refresh twice
@EricTrump – had to refresh 3 times
@kayleighmcenany – had to refresh once

@JoeBiden – immediate and visually fastest load

I have a very high speed internet connection. My browser cache is cleared. My computer is new (this year), optimized, has antivirus protection and is powerful with tons of memory.

All of these tests were performed back to back. Some accounts that immediately loaded had blocked content earlier in the day and I had to refresh more than once to view content earlier today.

Conclusion: I am fairly positive that Twitter is intentionally blocking initial access to conservative Twitter feeds to make people give up and not view content. They eventually do allow access so they have plausible deniability.


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