Anti-government protests in Germany, Haiti, Italy, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Bolivia as Cost of Living, Energy Prices, and Inflation Skyrockets.

by Settlemente

Lots of protests in the last 7 days against various government policies and regimes. Nearly all protests involve frustrations over rising gas prices, inflation, and the overall cost of living. Italians burned energy bills in the streets while Haitians marched in multiple cities and demanded the resignation of their Prime Minister.

Socialist Democratic Students Association organized energy protests to demand price caps, while German anti-war demonstrators protested outside weapons industry buildings last week.

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Bolivian farmers protested government market policies which protesters claim will hurt small producers.

via invisibleally:

Protests in response to rising energy prices, inflation, deteriorating economic conditions, corporate and government corruption, and a rising standard of living were behind dozens of protests in the last week across the world.

Thus, the words of a Serbian Orthodox bishop from December of 2021 serve as a wonderful introduction to the type of battle facing humanity and potentially prophetic (depending on whether the world experiences a USSR-type collapse):


On September 2nd, anti-war protesters demonstrated outside weapons manufacturing facilities in Germany, expressing objections to funding and supplying weapons for military conflicts:


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