PRETTY MUCH: Looking around: Biden’s “blood red” speech polls very poorly among independents; WH hypocrisy on “election denial”; California reaps bitter harvest of Potemkin environmentalism; Liz Truss is the new British PM.

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(a) F. Joe Biden’s bizarre “blood red” speech apparently polls brutally with independents, not even to speak of the GOP.

New survey by Trafalgar Group of 1,084 like voters finds 62.4 percent of Independents and 56.8 percent of respondents overall view the Biden Philadelphia oration as “a dangerous escalation of rhetoric that is designed to incite conflict among Americans.” Only 18.7 percent of Democrats so viewed the speech.

“Joe Biden used to be a sharp evil man — now he’s become a dimwitted evil man.”

And LOL, yesterday I saw a Mac tech video by Quinn Nelson that briefly showed a Tw*tter home screen where the “trending” hashtag was #P3d0H1tl3rB1d3n (but not bowdlerized like here). To be brutally honest, whoever designed the visuals for that speech is either a GOP mole or a bunch of Gen-Zers who laced their bong with LSD. Nobody halfway sane could have thought this was a great idea.

(b) Meanwhile, the worst-ever WH press secretary claims that anyone who does not agree with the majority is an extremist. Say what? That’s not democracy as the Western world understands it, but ochlocracy (rule by the mob), a.k.a. “dictatorship of the 51%”.


h/t Sarah Hoyt


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