Anti Trump HuffPost “FAKE” & Half Truth News On The President Leave Readers Smiling

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by Thinker

For the last three mornings in a row, I have got to read a “FAKE” news article about the POTUS in HuffPost. For the last two days, there as been a journalist who attached their name to the garbage that was printed. Journalist looking to score with negative news on Donald J. Trump are the bottom feeders for media. No heart, no soul, no “REAL” story, just words that most of the time depict the writer more than the subject their writing about.

Published in Yahoo by HuffPost, without a name: The Right Is Splitting From President Trump

Fox News personalities and some conservatives are starting to ditch President Donald Trump after he reopened the government without border wall funding. (Ann Coulter, who used to be a man has gone from supporting the POTUS, to the other side. Did they change her pills??? A group of senior journalist, who just what to keep their jobs, will say whatever is needed, but one thing is for sure, “TRUTH” is hard to find! Funny watching HuffPost try to find negative stories to write on the president, only to fail by finding bashers with their own history that journalists can have a hey day with. Everything we say and do, our “Creator” will return to you!!!…42665.html

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Mainstream media has spent most of the last two years of Trumps time in the White House bashing him, all the while his accomplishments soar higher than any other president in history!!!

If everyone is swing left, then why is there positive change moving through the Democratic party? It would seem the younger members are looking at the facts and not the lies. Its time to look at the history of the politician, and not the party! Do they serve the people, or do they serve themselves? Americans waking up to to see it isn’t the party that is the problem, but the people within it!

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Time for parties to separate themselves from those who don’t support the people or country!

Trump Gets BIG WIN On Border Wall As 30 HOUSE DEMOCRATS Call On Pelosi To FUND THE WALL(VIDEO)!

Trump gets big winn on border wall as 30 house democrats call on Pelosi to fund the wall. 30 Democrats sent a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, suggesting she guarantee President Donald Trump a vote on his border wall funding request if he reopens the government. The letter is designed to signal support for the president’s funding request.



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