Anti-Trump Smear BACKFIRES On New York Times, Left AND Right Slam Newspaper

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Anti-Trump Smear BACKFIRES On New York Times, Left AND Right Slam Newspaper. Reporters for the elite newspaper are outraged after discovering that conservatives are digging up old tweets and social media posts from New York Times reporters and embarrassing them.

In response to this completely normal media reporting, the Times ran an anti-trump smear claiming that it was a loose network of Trump allies trying to discredit the press. Apparently they are completely oblivious to what journalism is. The NYT is not above scrutiny and they are subject to the same exposure as anyone else. However they are trying to frame it as a political hit against them for being intrepid and ethical journalists. Wrong

This time the far left, left, center, and right have come out slamming the paper over their elitism. They seem to have a belief that they are better than the rest of us. Well, they aren’t

Recently the NYT was exposed for being biased against Trump in a leaked transcript of a private meeting where they seem to decide on targeting the president with a left wing smear. Now in the wake of a damaging past they are trying to paint their critics as Trump supporters.

But in the end its just more fake news from the Times and everyone can see it. While the NYTimes does deserve credit for the work they do, we need to call out the increasing far left bias and activist journalism coming from these papers.



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