redirects to Biden White House

by Dr. Eowyn

The domain has existed since 2002.

The website was purchased after Donald John Trump was voted President in 2016, and transformed into a hub for Antifa, the organization of radical-Left domestic terrorists.

As recently as as July 24, 2020, the homepage had contained pro-Antifa propaganda, according to records by the Wayback Machine.

BizPacReview‘s Vivek Saxena reports that in August 2020, multiple mainstream outlets, including Snopes, the National Post, Yahoo News, Mashable, reported that was redirected to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign website.

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Yet as of August 30, neither Biden nor anybody at his campaign had yet remarked on the fact that an extremist website was redirecting its viewers to his campaign site.

Now, is redirecting to Joe Biden’s White House!

As of this morning, 2 AM, January 21, 2021, when I typed “” into my laptop’s URL bar, it takes me to, the White House’s website.



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