ANTISOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook apparently identifying posts with conservative content as spam.

via americanthinker:

It looks as though Facebook has altered its algorithms overnight so that people posting conservative content receive a notice from Facebook that it looks like “spam” and has been declined.  Overnight, we have heard from many people about AT content being declined publication as spam.

Once the Facebook user responds that it isn’t spam, it appears that the posting takes place.

American Thinker is not the only site to experience this automatic identification as spam:

More from Tyler O’Neil:

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Ellis published an article in The Washington Examiner explaining why “Democrats are overreacting to the Michael Cohen guilty plea.” She argued that plea bargains are a legal fiction, are not confessions, and are not evidence of crimes or verdicts of guilt. Therefore, the Cohen plea did not implicate Trump in financial crimes.

Ellis shared the article on Facebook, and a friend took a picture of Facebook removing the post. Again came the same message: “We removed this post because it looks like spam and doesn’t follow our Community Standards.”

Clarice Feldman recommends not jumping to conclusions, writing to American Thinker, “I also have no idea what is going on – whether (a) it is deliberate on FB’s part, (b) a glitch, (c) a concerted attack by leftists reporting anything to the right as against community standards or spam.”

Maybe people wouldn’t jump to conclusions, if Facebook operated transparently and without so much apparent bias against one side.

AND AGAIN: Facebook Censors Articles From Salena Zito, Jenna Lynn Ellis, Saying They ‘Look Like Spam.’

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