THIS IS A GOOD IDEA: New rules would force drugmakers to disclose their prices.

via axios:

The Trump administration is moving ahead with a proposal that would require drug companies to include the sticker prices of their products in direct-to-consumer advertising — a controversial part of President Trump’s blueprint for lower drug prices.

Between the lines: As simple and straightforward as price disclosures might sound, this information may not end up being very useful. Few patients pay the sticker price for a drug. Their insurance plans negotiate discounts, and then often pay only a fraction of that amount.

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Driving the news: The White House budget office is reviewing a proposed rule on “drug price transparency.”

  • Two sources familiar with the proposal said it would implement Trump’s call to require pricing information in consumer-focused advertising. One of those sources said it would be drugs’ list prices.

Maybe they should be forced to offer the same price to everyone, instead of complicated and shady “discounts” to insurance companies. Or at least forced to disclose the lowest price they charge to anyone.

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