Conspiracy: Anyone else find the timing of this InfoWars ban very suspicious?

by upvoatz

Last week – Media strongly defends New York Times hiring of a racist (Jeong). This week – Media celebrates co-ordinated “hate speech” ban of InfoWars by Youtube, Facebook, Apple, Spotify

Nothing to see here folks.

Last week

MSM defends hate speech:

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  • NYT defends hiring a racist (Jeong) with years of public hate speech against whites, men, cops, etc

This week

MSM celebrates ban of InfoWars for “hate speech”

  • Infowars banned from four platforms in a co-ordinated effort by Youtube, Facebook, Apple, Spotify

The Overton window, also known as the window of discourse, is the range of ideas tolerated in public discourse.

In the case of the NYT hiring and defense of a racist (Jeong), the MSM decided this was outside the realm of discussion to mention the NYT hired two racists to the position of tech editor within six months, and set forth to silence “agitators” of the MSM narrative who might have communicated too much information.

In the case of InfoWars, the MSM and silicon valley determined that a based water merchant and dietary supplement peddler despite his frequent eccentric antics and “conspiracies,” threatens the mainstream narrative too often to be permitted a public venue.


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