Anytime a ‘climate change cultist’ says anything, bring up how nuclear reactors are the cleanest, safest and most efficient energy source on Earth. Green energy is absolutely a communism ruse.

by Sheeitpost

Scientific fact that nuclear energy is safer and more efficient than any green project.


Every leftists favorite country, Russia (now that they’re post-communist leftists just love the Russian Federation) are building a nuclear reactor that is rated to last 100 years:

And AOC and Biden want America to spend $2 trillion+ for America to be “green” by 2035 by suppressing nuclear power.

What they’re trying to do – even if they don’t know it – is give China a strategic advantage by handicapping America’s energy sector by empowering “green energy” projects that have no reasonable hope of ever competing with nuclear power, or ever producing a net benefit.

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They will have a sunk cost fallacy, promising innovation is achievable with just a bit more investment, making a cult belief around the possibilities and suppressing any scientists who dare to disagree with their oppressive narrative control.

Their plan is an emotianalist, rediculous, fearful, unscientific and dangerous approach to energy.

Their energy plan would 100% result in America’s power being weakened due to such an irresponsible energy plan with Communist China building more nuclear reactors, while assuming that power vacuum.

Leftists will mention Chernobyl, not factoring in that Communism’s inherent corruption was responsible for the plant disaster due to lying to higher-ups and systemic corruption of their systems. In a Republic as advanced technologically as America is, there is quite literally no chance of a Chernobyl occuring. Period.

America needs more nuclear reactors. They are the safest and most efficient energy source and the scientists will back that up as to why.

Stop letting them dominate the conversation, now you know the truth. They are 100% wrong!



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